Reaching the Summit

This will most likely be the last post of 2022, it’s been a interesting year and it has led me to some interesting self discoveries.

I have been working since I was 14 years old and been in IT for about 10 years now, and over the past 2 years I have been thinking about what drives me and where do I want things to go for the future, 2 years ago I figured out a personal motto I guess you could say of "Helping teams work more efficiently" after putting some tools together at a job that I was at the time to help our dev team work in a easier way but the why I enjoyed it was missing, a couple months ago it sort of crystallized itself for me.

Thinking back to my childhood one of my favorite toys was Lego, now the average kid would probably put a set together and play with it, but for me I was more interested in putting it together to figure out how it worked and then I would take them apart think about how to create new things with it.

Over the years I have noticed I tend to follow a pattern, both at work and in my personal hobbies, I enjoy doing research, learning new subjects and using those subjects to create things or put something new together, I was watching a episode of Go Build with aws CTO Dr Werner Vogels and it kind of hit me, I’m a builder, I enjoy doing the research, coming up with the concepts and even create the graphic designs/branding ( Another hobby of mine ) and creating and implementing the proof of concept, I don’t seem to enjoy running the thing itself lol.

So where does that lead me into the new year, well putting together my enjoyment of being a builder as well as my other many hobbies (Branding, Design, Research and concept work, Platform engineering, Writing and documentation ), I been working on a personal rebrand and personal project.

A engineering framework that startups can use as a starting point for their engineering department, from local environments and kubernetes clusters to run their apps, to documentation templates and best practices, as part of that I’m also rebuilding the homelab ( Turing pi2 and a Odroid h3 node ), so over 2023 expect some blog posts about that journey.

Now you must be thinking but why? I have found over the years that I learn best by working on projects and putting things into practice so not only will it help improve my skills but maybe just maybe something awesome might come out of it.

Here is to 2023 :)

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